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Current Music:friends
Subject:sooo, do you wanna hangout?
Time:07:17 pm
Current Mood:boredbored
well this weekend was pretty good. friday we went to will's party...it was kinda beat but whatever, i had work at 6:30 am saturday and i didnt get there till late, so i kinda just wanted to leave. and plus i dont like half the people who were there. it happens.

Saturday worked, then hungout with lisa and went on a date to subway and watched That's so Raven. best date ever. then we all headed to this frat party which was so weird. i cant believe boys actually live frat houses, they're so gross. i tried my best not to touch anything. but other then the grossness it was a good time. after the party we picked up dana and she was completly drunk, it was haliarous.i love when shes drunk. we went to the great american diner to eat and we got home around 4ish and i passed out, i was so tired.

Sunday i slept all day pretty much. That night it turned out there was no football game, so a bunch of us went to the movies instead and saw wedding crashers. it was pretty funny but i still wanna see wille wonka and the chocolate factory.

today i went shopping. i have no money in my account. i really wanna dye my hair too. but i'm poor and i'm scared...but i guess i can just dye it back to black if i'm disgusted with the hair color. we'll see.

i'm sick of summer and i cant wait until the fall so i can buy better clothes. Well its 11:30...maybe i should get to bed. but i'm not really tired so i'll find something to do. sorry for the update, i felt like typing. Gooodnight.

<3 Lauren
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Current Music:Ben Folds
Subject:on a bus to LA, he found a band, he had to play .....
Time:09:22 pm
Current Mood:calmcalm
well its mid summer and i havent updated, so i thought i would. so here goes. well i've been working and hanging out all the time pretty much. not too bad i'd say. nothing too excting has happend though. but its good. this weekend i'm going to Ohio to go to the amusment park, ceder point. i'm pretty excited about that. it should be an awesome time, i cant wait. we still dont know how exactly we're getting there, I.E train or renting a van or a car. so we'll see, either way its going to be good.

Tomorrow i have off work which is awesome. i think i'm dying my hair but i just noticed tonight when i went out to eat that i only have $21 in my account. so i dont know if thats enough money. i swear i spend money like its my job. oh well. i get paid friday so i should be good until then. i'm kinda mad becuase i wanted a pair of sunglasses but they're $17 and apparently i cant afford that. its probably because i go out to eat every day becuase i'm a loser. thats been my summer. going out to eat. its not too bad i guess, but by the end of the summer i'll probably gain 30 lbs. oh well, i'm over it.

i'll update later sometime. goodnight

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Current Music:no music
Subject:heres a random update.
Time:07:59 am
Current Mood:annoyedannoyed
i'm waiting for my mom to come pick me up i'm going to the doctors to see what i'm allergic to, i've been dying this past month i cant breathe....so i'll update as i wait.

so yesterday at work kinda sucked. i worked 11-7:30. nothing good or exciting happened. i worked with nicole so that was alright i guess. my life this summer has been kinda boring. it has it moments though i must say. i dont really know what else to write. hopefully it gets better though. i have faith that it will.

Last night was alittle different. me nicole scott will tom and tina drank at my house because none of them had work and i have work at 4 today so it worked out quite well. lisa sel also came which was awesome. it was a good night i'd say except for everyone leaving me with tina and will while they went to wawa...tina wants to beat me up, so i just went online until they all came back. i headed to bed around 3:45-4:00, something like that. i hate drinking, i feel gross the next day. oh well.

this weekend i have no idea whats going on. i am getting a haircut tomorrow. so we'll see how that turns out. ok i guess thats it. i'll updat again later guys.

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Current Music:gin blossoms
Subject:i'll just figure everything is cool, until i hear it from you
Time:09:10 am
Current Mood:aggravatedaggravated
i cannot breathe, i have a headache, and i need a nap but i cant sleep because i'm too uncomfortable from not being able to breathe. i think i might just throw myself down some steps because i'm on the verge of dying anyway.

so my weekend so far has been excellent. friday i worked which wasnt bad...i pretty much just hungout with westcamp and watched him pick his nose. then after work i went mini golfing and got something to eat afterwards. it was a lovely night. i had to be home early though because i had work at 6:30 am....i hate that shift. just the waking up early part. it really does ruin my weekend sometimes.

saturday i worked. it wasnt that bad i guess. after work me and dana had to run a few errands for our small gathering at my house. then i came home cleaned and people started to arrive. it was mostly people from work with the exception of Lisa sel and her boyfriend, eric, and 3 of wills friends. the night turned out to be a ton of fun...making mixed drinks...singing karaoke...playing drinking games which i'm horrible at and thats what kills me. and i must say that the chicken coat was also a big hit...everyone loved it. we went to bed around 4:30 which was a shocker considering i'm usually the first to go to bed like an hour after i drink.

my house was a mess when i woke up...so that sucked, but its all clean now thanks to me and scott. i'm really reconsidering having a party at my house in june....my basement was such a mess from only like 14 people and i'm not all about cleaning up. but who knows...we'll see what happens.

today i dont know waht i'm doing...maybe i'll go visit nan? thats probably going be the best part of my whole weekend. ok well someone call me if you wanna do something, its beautiful out....
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Current Music:vh1
Subject:i opened my eyes and walked out the door and the clouds came tumbling down...
Time:06:31 pm
Current Mood:contentcontent
well this week was an alright week i guess. i worked 8 hour shifts all week at work. it pretty much sucked. it can get pretty boring working in a cafeteria. but 2 of the days Will worked with me so that was pretty cool, we bonded. then nicole worked with me saturday...but i had to do all of her work...so that kinda sucked. anway, this weekend was alright...i hungout.. friday,went to this jeans night out and that was fun simply because dana was crazy drunk and i got to sleep over her house...saturday i worked,then went over scotts friends but i was so tired because i was working with only 4 hours of sleep and i cant do that very well. so i went home then dana called and needed a ride because she was drunk, yet again, so me and nicole picked up her and tom and we headed to the dinning car so they could eat, we all then came back to my house for a sleepover.

today was okay...went shopping for a dress for a wedding i have to go to. i was very unsuccessful. but i did get a few shirts for myself so i didnt come home empty handed. after that me and nicole went to dana's then went out to eat with Dana, Nicole, Lisa Sel, her BF Chris, Tom, and Tina. and now i'm home, it was a good time. and now i'm so stuffed. i hate eating.

On another Note, me and nicole decided its time to have another PARTY at my house. we were thinking of having one on June 10th, its a friday. so if anyone wants to come, let me know. it should be a good time if we can make this party happen. Hopefully we can do this. we'll see.

ok well i'm gonna try and find something on tv...so far nothing good is on. i'm so mad.

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Subject:a good weekend to start off the summer...
Time:10:28 am
Current Mood:hopefulhopeful
i had a pretty eventful weekend so i think i'll write about it.....

Friday was Tina's party...it was fun, a lot better then i expected. girls had to wear white and guys had to wear black...kinda weird/gay, but it was fun getting dressed up. best part of the night was shauna dropping it like it was hott,singing newsises with her, being will's number 2 girlfriend (everyone was jealous) and the slumber party at pauls, negitive being slpashed in the face with beer by The Crossinator. so it was all around a good night, lots of fun. me and shauna are BFF <3.

Saturday was a good day too, came home around 10:30...showered...then joe came over and me nicole and him went to rita's for waterice and wathed agent cody banks...horrible movie. then me and joe watched spongebob and ate nerds. then he left because i was going to the shore soon. the shore was fun...kinda weird and felt unwanted which we proabably were at first by the girls, but oh well the guys were cool. Lisa sel came with us and that was awesome... she was halairous all weekend. i loved it. i'm so glad she came.

sunday, went to the boardwalk, then to cape may, then out to eat. i ate a huge burger, almost puked it up later, so that was a bad idea...played flip cup, me an nicole were the ultimate team, until i had to quit. then hungout played more games, bonded with scott for alittle. then fell asleep in someone esles room..got woken up and went to my own bed with lisa sel. i tried getting her pants off again, but she wasnt having it sunday night. oh well maybe next time. all and all i had a Great weekend.

today i have work. not fun, not fun at all.so goodbye i need to go get ready.

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Subject:it feels so good to say goodbye,
Time:08:18 pm
Current Mood:stressedstressed
i'm bored so i thougth i'd update. Lately everything has been kinda boring. i go to school and work. i cant wait until school is over. i have so much to do this week and next week. i just want to be free of all homwork. and then next weekend (friday) is a work party and we're all getting dressed up in our fancy attire so taht will be fun. and then saturday i'm going to the shore until monday i believe. so i really cant wait until next week, school will be over and my weekend is looking pretty good as of now. this weekend i have no plans. but i do want to go to the circus, but i doubt that will happen.

So anyway, me and nicole were thinkng about transfering to an away college. and i thougth about it and now i really wanna do it. i'm not sure where we are gonna go, but i think we need to do it. i'm tired of this. i'm tried of doing the same thing all the time. i need something different. i wanna get away from my family, i dont even talk to my mom anymore anyway. so the only downsdie is, i'll miss my friends, and my dogs.

tomorrow is going to suck. school and then work. i hate those kinds of days. i cant wait until the weekend.

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Current Music:reel big fish
Subject:here is my survey.
Time:08:46 am
Current Mood:restlessrestless
>Who the hell are you? Lauren
>Do you like your body? NOPE
>Why are you taking this survey? i feel like it
>Would you like to know who created this survey? nope i dont really care
>Do you have a job?yes, im a cafeteria aide.
>Do you think you’re hot? nope
>Are you fake? no i dont think so
>>[Series 2 - Favorites]
>TV Show (only ONE)? boy meets world
>Gangster song? none
>Article of clothing? lol i dunno
>Feeling? being happy
>Technology? computers
>Xanga page? hrm
>Spice Girl? it was always baby spice

>>[Series 3 What is]
>Sexy? boys with long hair
>Victoria’s Secret? where i dont buy my underwear
>Your greatest fear? being a big loser
>Your best feature? i dont know
>The boogie monster? ummmm he lives in kids closets or soething
>The best place in the world? i have no idea
>The definition of serene? let me look for my webster..haha shuana

>>[Series 4 – You Prefer]
>Valentines or Christmas? christmas ..its my BIRTHDAY
>McDonalds or Burger King? def. burger king, although i never eat either
>Fat boys or skinny boys/girls? it depends ...medium
>Mexican food or Chinese food? chinese food. i love egg rolls
>Dollar Store or Kroger? um i dont knwo what kroger is
>Giving or Receiving? both
>Celine Dion or Ashanti? def. celine

>>[Series 5 ¬– Do you]
>Think you’ve been in love (for real)? yeah
>Know the difference between boxers & briefs? explain
>Know what the Spanish word concierto means? isnt it a concert? i could be wrong
>Eat a lot and not gain weight? i wish!
>Prefer water over sprite? i drink water more.
>Wish you were rich? of course
>Have cool parents? not at all. i dont even talk to my mom

>>[Series 6 – Have you]
> Ever been attracted to someone of the same sex? no but i think some girls are pretty
>Had more than 3 AIM screennames? possibly
>Ever won a stuffed animal at a carnival? yup, quite a few times
>Stolen candy? lol no
>Filled out better surveys before? yeah most likly. this one isnt too fun
>Ever purposely crushed an ant hill? lol YES
>Stuffed your bra? nope

>>In the last two weeks, have you...
>Cried? nope
>Cut your hair? i cut my bangs sometimes
>Worn a skirt? yes, yesterday
>Been Sarcastic? yup
>Talked to Someone you have a crush on? yes
>Hugged someone? yes
>Fought with your parents? i'm not getting along with my mom too well lately
>Wished upon a star? no, i should tho
>Laughed until you cried? i dont think so
>Played truth or dare? hahah no
>Watched a Sunrise/Sunset? nope
>Went to the Beach at night? no, but i would like to
>Spent Quality time alone? all the time
>Ate a meal?umm yes i guess so
>Are you lonely? yeah, sometimes
>Are you happy? sometimes.
>Are you talking to someone online? nope thats why i'm doing this survey

>what time is it now? umm almost 1:00 pm
>last cigarette: never .
>last car ride: like a half hour ago
>last good cry: i'm not sure
>last library book checked out: i have no idea
>last movie seen: labrynth?
>last book read: i dont read books anymore
>last cuss word uttered:i dont curse
>last beverage drank: diet coke
>last food consumed: a slice of pizza from south st. very good.
>last phone call: WILL from work...just to say HI
>last tv show watched: umm sex and the city
>last time showered: yesterday before class
>last shoes worn: my work adidas...gross
>last cd played: reel big fish
>last item bought: a book for class today
>last downloaded: umm i dont download
>last annoyance: nicole and scott bringing down my good mood today
>last disappointment: school
>last soda drank: diet cole
>last thing written: my assignments for photography class
>last key used: for my work locker which i share with shauna
>last word(s): i'm going upstairs
>last sleep: last night, i went to bed early. like 12:30
>last im: no one
>last weird encounter: wehn i imed matt and it wasnt him online
>last time amused: today at the pizza place on south st.
>last time in love: a while ago
>last time hugged: last night after work. shauna hugged me for like 5 minutes it was so romantic

>RaNdOm QuEsTiOnS...
>>Have you ever...
>skinny dipped? nope
>smoked? nope!
>drank an alcoholic beverage? yes
>thrown up on purpose? yes, because i was drinking

>>Do you know any one who...
>is gay: yes
>is anorexic: nope
>is Mentally-Challenged: sadly, yes.
>has cancer: umm.. no i dont think so?
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Current Music:reel big fish
Subject:it cant last, its gone so fast ...
Time:08:36 am
Current Mood:contemplativecontemplative
okay well i havent updated in awhile so here goes. lately things have been okay i guess. i've just been going to school and going to work and hanging out. same old things. somethings have been alittle weird but cool at the same time. i dunno, i'm not sure what i'm doing. oh well. i'm just gonna see what happens.

this weekend i have no major plans. i wanna go to the carnival but i think it just might rain. hopefully it doesnt rain and i can go tomorrow night maybe. i think i'm hangning out with joe tomorrow though, so maybe he'll be up for going. if not, theres always saturday. i guess i'll just wait and see. i also i have a ton of homework this week. it sucks. i cant wait until school is over. then i'll be happy again.

thats it for this short update. i think i'll do the survey shauna did.

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Subject:i'm so bored.........so here this is.
Time:12:12 pm
Current Mood:sympatheticsympathetic
1) Name the Last Four Things You Have Bought:
1. water
2. pizza
3. soda
4. water

2) Name Four Drinks You Regularly Drink:
1. water
2. diet coke
3. diet iced tea
4. thats all i drink

3) Last Time You Cried?: umm i'm not sure

4)What's In Your CD Player? right now? saves the day

5)What's Under Your Bed?: a bunch of crap i need to throw out

6)What Time Did You Wake Up Today? 7:45 am

7)Current Hair?: down...i need to pull it up tho

8)Current Clothes ?: jeans, pink shirt and black sweater...and converse sneakers

9)Current Desktop Picture: taylor hanson, becasue i'm seriously in love with him. its weird.

10)Current Worry ?: my whole life :(

11)Current Hate ?: everything

12)Favorite Place To Be?: out doing something. anywhere

13)Least Favorite Place?: work

14)If You Could Play An Instrument?: piano

15)Favorite Color(s)?: pink and black

16)How Tall Are You?: 5'6 i guess

17) Favorite expression?: facial expression? i'll take it as that...umm SUPRISED

18)One Person From Your Past You Wish You Could Go Back And Talk To: my dad

19)Favorite Day(s)?: saturday nights and sunday

20)Where Would You Like To Go?: on a vacation anway, to get out of this town.

21)Where do you want to live when you get married?: i dunno yet. i'm not even married yet.

22)Favorite food?: pizza ..and lunchmeat sandwhiches

23)Color of most clothes you own: umm blue?

24)Number of pillows you sleep w/?: 2

25)What do you wear when you go to sleep: shirt and pj pants

26)What were you doing 12AM last night: umm being a loser online.

27)What do you think you'll be doing in 10 years: please dont ask me that.

28)Do you have braces?: no, but i did

29)Are you paranoid?: no i'm not

30)Do you burn or tan?: burn then tan

31)what is the brand of your wallet?: its from target...so i dunno

32)First piercing/tattoo?: my ears

33)First enemy?: the dirts

34)Last person you yelled at?: umm i havent yelled at anyone lately....i guess my mom last week tho. we got in a fight.

35)Last crush?: i dotn know...i havent had a crush in awhile.

36)Last thing you ate?: pudding

Current Mood: BLAH. i'm so bored. no one talks to me.
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